How Solo Travel Will Unlock a Wealth of Joy Part 1: Ultimate Freedom
Don’t Deley

Hi Katherine,

I enjoyed your blog and completely understand 100%. The first time that I felt that way was when I made my first solo trip to Peru to hike Machu Picchu.

Lately, I made a 5 day solo trip to Oregon to witness “Totality” of the solar eclipse. The whole trip was empowering and enriched my life a lot. I made some new friends as well.

When people ask me if I am lonely when I travel solo, my answer is: “I may be alone, but I am not lonely.” Like you, I feel alive. Yes, I still have strong feelings when I travel with my girlfriend, but it’s a whole different world when you don’t have to ask someone, “what shall we do next?” Or, “what do feel like eating?” etc. etc. etc. So liberating.

Great job with your writing. I’m following you.


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