My Brand Is Making Me Better

I’m loving the new pursuit of building a personal brand. Making content every day to practice, and to will my story into this noisy world. Finding my voice, getting clarity on what I really stand for, and chipping away at all the bad habits, like talking too fast into the mic, fumbling with my hands on camera, and filling space with, “uh,” and the dreadful, “I suppose” that I can’t seem to shake.

But the thing that has surprised me most is how much this practice of daily casting has made me a better person. I have a good idea about who I want to be — about who I should be — but I often just barely resemble him. As I put my best foot forward each day in the show, it inspires me to strive harder to practice the preaching.

Jumping onto the virtual stage also has a way of revealing my hidden flaws, all the dents, and cracks, and chips that were hiding in the shadows. It turns out that I’m not acting as optimistic, cheerful, grateful, calm, patient or confident as I think I am. And it gives me urgency to shape up, to avoid the pain of shameful hypocrisy.

I see an image of Tony Robbins standing confidently on stage, talking about himself, saying proudly, “I built this motherfucker.” And I believe it more than ever. That we are what we choose to be, and what we’re willing to make ourselves become.

Putting myself out there, openly, honestly, with humility and vulnerability, has provided a far greater return than I expected. It’s brought me joy, and hope for the future. But not just about my work, it’s helped me to see what’s possible for my entire life, for the person that I can become.

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