You’ve been reading too much NRA literature!
Steve Baker

Can you put up a statistic that says that most assault charges are between drunken idiots at a bar? What about muggings, car jackings, home invasions, rapes, domestic abuse, gang violence, terrorism, and others? Conceal Carry absolutely reduces violent crime, which you seem to be downplaying as something that is not important. However states and cities that have conceal carry have lower violent crime rates than states that do not. This is why Chicago and California have higher rates than states like Texas and Ohio. Criminals are less likely to attack someone if there is a good chance the person could be armed themselves. Murder is not the only important crime to prevent, and conceal carry prevents both murder and violent assault. Taking away guns from law abiding citizens promotes crime, not deters it.

If you really want to prevent deaths, how about this: while automobile deaths have been on the decline, they are still consistently higher than gun deaths. So how about we get more cars off the street? Let’s make cars illegal, which will actually save more lives. The Constitution does not guarantee a right to drive or own a car, so that is something you may be able to legally accomplish.

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