Make an innovative cookie? What does that even mean? What strategy will I use? These were the things going through my mind as I began this process. I wanted to do something innovative, meaning useful and novel, which in context means a cookie that tastes good, and is unique. I thought about what makes me unique and how I could employ that in a cookie recipe. My first thought that came to mind was, I’m from the carribbean! Ive never had Caribbean cookies have I?

From there I began brainstorming caribbean foods that might be good cookie style (See Idea generation section). Overall I came to the idea of a jerk ginger cookie, combining two of my favorite carribbean treats! Jerk seasoning and ginger beer!

Final Idea:

Why is my cookie creative? Because I combined a jamaican meal into a cookie. Jerk seasoning just like from jerk chicken. Ginger just like a ginger beer. And who doesnt like mango? I also found blending the mangoes to make a sort of mango milk for the cookies was quite a unique step. Additionally I used coconut flour to add to the island flavor. I hope these cookies are satisfying and as delicious I imagine to others.

The finished product is below. I ended up garnishing with mango and icing after baking for a little extra texture and flavor.

Idea Test 1:

Idea test 1 involved leaving the brown sugar of the cookies not mixed in while baking. The idea behind this is inspired by carmelizing meats where you coat them with sugar and cook to create a sugary film, I hope this will act as a type of icing for the cookies to make them have a glossy finish as well.

After baking the end result was horrible, the cookies came out burnt because of the excess sugar and the idea had to be scrapped.

Idea Test 2:

Idea test 2 involved placing actual mangoes in the batter rather than on top of the cookies after baking. This idea was for the mangoes to act sort of like chocolate chips instead of a fruity topping. I hope this will create an interesting texture to the cookies.

After baking the end result was great. The cookies had a really nice texture and tasted good but were a little soggy so I added more flour for the final recipe.


1. add 2 cups fFlour

2. add 3 Eggs

3. add 2 tablespoons of i cant believe its not Butter

4. Add 1 teaspoon of Jerk seasoning

5. Add 1 teaspoon of Ginger

6. add 1/4 cup of Brown sugar

7. blend mangoes and add 4 tablespoons of mango

8. put on pan in small chunks and bake 15–20 minutes

9. Remove and garnish with mango blend and icing and let cool

10. Enjoy!

Idea generation:

For idea generation I started by thinking about ideas that I hadn’t seen in cookies before. I thought about incorporating fruits and vegetables into cookies. I considered cookies involving Asian recipes because I have studied Chinese and Japanese in the past and travelled to China and Japan where the food was delicious. I also thought of doing the same thing with Caribbean recipes where my family is from. Eventually I decided. between Caribbean cookies and Japanese sushi-style cookies, finally I decided on Caribbean cookies.

I thought of as many different carribbean recipes as I could and wrote them down. From meat dishes to vegetable dishes and fruits I wanted a spread of different ideas and concepts. See below:

After that I decided to go with a combination of the mango garnish, coconut mango, ginger beer and jerk seasoned cookie. I decided this because I felt like adding jerk spices and ginger to the cookie batter would give it an interesting kick, and id never heard of anyone using jerk seasoning for anything other than meat before. I also decided on the coconut many combination to give the mango colada feel.


The first iteration, due to time constraint was a combination of idea tests 1 and 2. I found from this test that the sugar on the exterior burned the cookies so I scrapped that idea because it make the appearance look crusty and even dirty. I did however like the effect of having the mangoes in the batter as it came out quite sweet and with an interesting texture.

In the first two iterations, the cookies were a little too soft and didn’t really hold together when I picked them up. I believe this was a result of the lack of adequate flour in the cookies.

The next iteration, iteration 3 ended up being a redo of iteration 2 but I added more flour (2.5 cups instead of 2) to make the cookie more solid and also garnished with mango and icing after baking. The finished product is below. My friend Shamso taste tested the 3rd and final iteration and gave me two thumbs up!