“America is the least racist country…” maybe to a white guy it is but ask any black male under 25.
Amanda Lee McDonald

Correct. Many of us will never know what it must feel like as a black kid, to walk into a store for example alone or after school with a friend and the default reaction, or look, from the store owner conveys that these guys are probably up to no good. Especially sad when even if the store owner knows very respectable black families or has been treated most professionally and successfully by a black doctor in the past, the default reaction is one of automatic suspicion. If you have not experienced it, probably easy to dismiss racism in America as a thing of the past.

You mentioned a 2 term black President, incredibly a new wave or racism somehow surfaced in the country with his election, something many of us didn’t ever expect, as if to question the audacity of this country to elect such an obviously unqualified person of color.

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