Why Most People Will Never Be Successful
Benjamin P. Hardy

Didn’t quite care for the title of the article, but perhaps effective in being attention getting.

You do make some good points.

People do find it hard to exercise discipline towards focusing on the few things that actually matter and well should matter, even harder is arriving at the definition of what quality means to them.

Knowledge is key, maybe.

But a counter argument can be made: given that everything dies in time, your time too is limited, so accept and live in the mundane, quit setting high standards and inculcating an external arbitrary value system as the acquisition of wealth, more friendships, more food, extensive travel may not in fact be ideal.

Find value in the ordinary — because it certainly is not, enjoy chatting with the ‘boring’ because they certainly are not, low fat to meet those weight targets? Recognize that butter is a perfectly good sauce by itself.

Have fun, time levels everything. To hell with ‘success’.

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