The Most Important Reason I Live With My Parents
Megan E. Holstein

Stop kidding yourself, it is absolutely about the money.

You have some good genuine reasons to continue to live with your parents. These are truly well stated.

But your story would be a lot more credible if you actually were a successful writer today, made a good bit of money, were financially well off — more than just independent, had the company of good friends that you enjoyed spending time with, and YET, YET, chose to live with your parents for the same reasons you just mentioned. You may respond and certainly disagree, that’s OK, but do ask yourself the question of how you made that choice.

Right now, the reality of adult life has probably hit you, your parents are paying (or significantly subsidizing) all of the stuff you should be managing on your own — food, clothing, shelter, transportation, insurance. And with a modicum of self-respect. In fact you do your parents a disservice by privately and publicly refusing to acknowledge this fact.

“ It isn’t about money. I admit, right now my parents are financially helping me turn writing into a career.”