4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
Dale Beran

I’m of the left and quite a bit left of the so-called left of the Democrats in the USA. However, the news makes Trump look a fool but is that really true. Unlike those previous he does not speak ‘lawyerese’ and comes out with honest gems many of which seem foolish.
However, a lot of what he has said has been a part of the actions of Obama before him yet never reported nor was their any street violence.
Under Obama and the previous US regimes. excluding Jimmy Carter, there has been a lot of actions, not reported, in the same vein as Trump speaks about.
Some of Trump is off the wall but I’d rather a bit of off the wall be spoken than the ignorance of leaders past that continue America’s wars and the expansion of the same. People are dying because of the USA in quite a few countries and these countries do include Ukraine and Syria that have been horrors created by the USA.
Of course this is never reported in the big corporate media as we play games laughing at Trumpisms.
Let’s be honest. The USA is a regime of mass murder. And if Trump continues maybe there will be less murder globally and maybe we can become friends with other countries rather tan enemies.
Of course this will be hard to do as senators and others get wealthy as they invest in war — machines, weapons etc. The US economy would suffer if it weren’t at war. But the economy could do better by investing in infrastructure and anti-poverty rather than wasting money and foreign lives on continuous war.
In this light Trump is a beacon of hope for our world while Obama and Hillary continued the role of terrorist all over.

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