Where did I come from? Chang鄭 Chock卓 Sai 佘Wung翁 and Ching

Russell Chang
Jan 4, 2016 · 32 min read

“I was born in a van…down by the river…”

I speak no Chinese

Chinese words are spelt this way

My Paternal Heritage

Ah Gett Chang was born in China, not Hanapepe, Kauai

His name really is Chang Mun Gett 鄭

Jack Gett, Chock Pang(my grandmother), Gordon, Humphrey and Ah Gett.

A visit back to Goo Hok Cheun

Chock Pang and Jack Gett in Ship Manifest in 1928

Goo Hok Cheun, Koong Seong Doo, Joong Sang, Kwang Tung

Words are in English but Mandarin
My Grandmother

Roots Village Database


Google Maps and Baidu Maps

SanXiang (SamHoeng)


Some stories/images from my adventure.

A visit to China by my brother

Pictures and images of Goo Hok Cheun

Ancient Arch
Goo Hok Panarama
Goo Hok Reservoir/Dam
Old Trees
Old Banyan Trees
BlueStone Lane

Laan Hoi Zeng Gung Ci 澜海郑公祠 (Lan Hai Zheng Gongci)

Chang Lan Hai Gongci (Chang Ancestral Hall)
Flagstones infront of Chang Ancestral Hall
Chang Ancestral Hall
Inside Chang Ancestral Hall
Chang Ancestral Hall Woodwork

Family tree with uncle/sister that died at birth

Tombstones- with errors?

Do I have Famous ancestors?…. maybe…

Zheng He (1371–1433 or 1435) 鄭和

Zheng Chenggong Koxinga 鄭成功 1624–1662

Search on your own and use tools that I found

Chock 卓, my paternal Grandmother

Chock Sai Shee and Family

Chock Sai Shee and Chock Hinn

Chock Sai Shee Tombstone
Chock Hinn Joo Sinn & Chock Sai Shee Epitaphs

Village for Chock

Google Maps

Zhou(Chock) Gongci 震山卓公祠

Sai Gongci

Sai Gongci
Goon Tong Village History book

Sam Sing Wung- My Maternal Great Grandfather 翁

Loi Yu Wong and Sam Sing Wung and their Children
Old German Map
Gon Lan Hi or Kon Lan Hee
觀 瀾 墟 , 企坪 Gon Lan Hi, Ki Piang

Mission Hills Golf Club

Images of a Hakka Village in Guan Lan (Kon Lan)

Alicia Ching, my maternal Grandmother

In my journey, I found some tools that were invaluable and interesting.

Russell Chang

Written by

Local boy from Hawaii now living in San Francisco. High Tech Marketer

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