What is reality?

My heart started to race, everything was in the car! I had been travelling home after being away so everything from my toiletries to my laptop was in the car. (Interestingly I was more worried about the laptop than the car!).

I’ve never had a car stolen before all I was thinking was the hassle and expense and frustration. Just a moment ago I was enjoying the sunshine and looking forward to the weekend. Now I was in a blind panic filled with anger, frustration and fear of how I was going to cope without my laptop and all the information on it (the backup was in the laptop bag!)

As I looked at the space when my car had been life behind the white van where I’d left it, there were now parked a smaller car in the bigger space. Someone had parked in the space created by my car being stolen. How could it have happened in broad daylight with loads of people milling around (we were all headed to a busy event). It wasn’t an area I was very familiar with and I looked further up the road questioning whether I had parked further down the road, the walk back to the car did seem quicker than going, but doesn’t it always?

As I looked down the road I absolutely knew I hadn’t walked down that section, across a roundabout and I couldn’t see any other cars parked further down the road. I knew I had to call the police to report the car stolen but I did not want to make the call, I did not want to believe what was happening.

I decided to walk further down the road just to make 100% sure I hadn’t made a mistake. As I walked down the unfamiliar road as I rounded a bend in the road there was another white van and with my car parked behind it, just as I’d left it!

The relief was overwhelming. As I drove off it all started to come back to me. I remembered that after I parked the car and continued to the event on foot I made a phone call and was just following the crowd without really paying attention to my surroundings. So I really had walked down the section of road that only moments before I totally convinced myself I hadn’t.

In that moment my reality was my car had been stolen and I was feeling the repercussions of that — and about call the police and act on it. This is how we live life. We lived life through our perception of reality. Perception drives feelings. Perception drives behaviour.

We experience ‘reality’ through our senses which is then interpreted through our thinking. Everyone has different thinking which is why they have a different experience of situations.

The reality we perceive has to come from thought. We have no other capacity to perceive life. It comes through thought, that is how the mind works. It is like looking through an SLR camera. When you look through the eye piece you are looking through the lens, seeing what the lens sees. However when you look at a camera with a digital viewfinder, you look through the viewfinder and you are looking at a tiny screen displaying a digital image of what the camera is looking at. A digital representation of what is out there. This is how our mind works. Our mind creates a digital perception of life and the pixels that make up that picture are our thoughts. These thoughts come to life through our consciousness and we forget it is not reality. Everything we experience is coming through our perception, our thinking. We live in the experience of our thinking.

What caused me the most stress was not the idea of the car being stolen it was my stories I was telling myself of what that meant, the future consequences of it. The hassle over the coming days and weeks of not having my laptop and the information on it. All future thinking based on a perception of reality.

We live in the experience of our thinking. Thought is not truth.

Thinking can change the moment moment.