On white feelings, jokes, and when white people just don’t get it (which is too often)
Ruchika G

One day….
I would like to know where she lives that she encounters white people. Same with those that encounter black people. Where are they? I so rarely encounter white or black people that I have stopped using those words in association with people. No, in the world I walk around in I encounter people that populate a scale of colors ranging from beige to tan to light brown and all the way to strong espresso, but I can honestly say that I have never encountered a person who is truly white or black. This makes it especially difficult to automatically and brainlessly gift those that some call “white” and “black” with all the stereotypical thoughts and behavior that we are led to believe exist for “whites” and “blacks”.

So, if you, like this writer, make use of the simple short-hand of assigning personality traits based on the errant judgment of a person’s skin tone please, do be obliged to go to a paint store (Sherwin Williams is my paint of choice) and purchase a book of color swatches so that you may more accurately apply your baseless assumptions.

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