5 Channels I’d love to see on Snapchat

Theres a growing number of channels appearing on Snapchat now, but no way near enough!

I’ve been thinking of a few channels I’d like to see! If you have any you’d like me to add to the list below just let me know.

So here they are in no particular order

  • The Nomad Channel — I think there might be something similar to this but for a true Nomad channel in my opinion it should be fronted by levels.io!
  • City Explore Channel — Each day it could show a different city, would be great to discover hidden gems and with Snapchat you would feel like you are given a personal tour.
  • Behind the scenes — Ideally every company should have someone to do this, imagine Yelp but with the option to dive deep into the visuals & be introduced to the people behind a company/service. This could also work in the channel format with a different company taking over the channel each day.
  • Local / Regional News — It may just be me but I can’t even remember that last time I watched TV let alone the news, but everyone is interested in what’s happening around the corner right? The story format would be perfect for this, the 10 second limit would ensure news stories are worthwhile and to the point.
  • Snap-Interviews — Picture this: 10 seconds for a question, 10 seconds for an answer. Magic & we need a channel that focuses on this type of content! With a great interview each day.
What did I miss? Have you got any channels ideas in mind.

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