Maker Tools — Follow fans of your product

Russell Barnard
3 min readNov 24, 2015


What is MakerTools?

As I had mentioned in a previous blog post, my site Webfolio had benefited greatly from being featured on Product Hunt. This and also that I am an active user of Product Hunt led me to create MakerTools, as I thought it would be cool to make something potentially useful for this community.

I decided to make this simple tool for other makers who have had their sites and products posted on Product Hunt. I really appreciated everyone who took the time to upvote Webfolio and figured it would be nice to be able to follow each one on twitter, however, individually following all 276 upvoters one by one would be painstakingly slow!

In a nutshell, MakerTools will allow anyone who has had their product featured on Product Hunt to create a twitter list of all of their upvoters (they can then follow each person in just one click from Twitter, if they wish).

Considering that many of the people who upvoted your product are clearly interested in this area and may even be your target market, creating a twitter list with MakerTools is a good way to easily check out what they are tweeting and sharing.

Potential target market

So how does it work?

It’s incredibly easy, there’s no need for complicated hacks to find usernames. All you do is sign in with twitter (as long as it’s the same twitter username linked with your Product Hunt account) and select your product. We do all the fetching, allowing you to then make a list of all your product’s upvoters. Piece of cake!

I think I can safely say that no one likes to read an automated tweet that’s not genuine, and therefore MakerTools does not allow the option to send non-personalised tweets — it’s a bit spammy and just doesn’t sound heartfelt! — We checked this with Product Hunt and they agree.

Twitter Permissions We Use

For your peace of mind when logging in, I just want to confirm that MakerTools will not make any tweets on your behalf. Also, we do not store any information or personal details.

We only ask for Read & Write Twitter permissions in order to use the lists/members/create_all API method which allows us to add users into a list. (More information on the API can be found here — Twitter API Docs)

I hope that some makers will find this a useful tool! Feel free to get in touch if you have any comments. @russellbarnard /

Ps. We may introduce the option to follow individual upvoters directly from MakerTools. If this will be a useful addition for you, let me know!