Make Trump Great Again
D Stu

D Stu, Comments here recognize the quality and contribution of your writing here. May I suggest that say to yourself and others, I am a writer, or in your intro here, just, writer?

For decades I’ve been told I’m a good writer, but I never believed it, primarily bc I was always fighting myself about what I wanted to say and how to say it. I didn’t factor in time for material to mature and grow, so I thought of myself as a wanna-wanna-be writer, not as a real writer who has ordinary writing problems. Just the stuff of the daily writing life.

Thank you for taking the risk of writing about a technical psychological or psychiatric problem and exploring it in light of your experience of your grandfather. This analogy helped me consider the personal cost of electing Trump for many of us in this nation. We’re already bearing this cost, before, God forbid, he gets elected, in that we have to struggle to figure out what he means, assume things about him, disentangle him from previous narcissists in our lives.

Keep making your contributions, writer.