10 days until the election & Trump still hasn’t released his Tax Returns

Donald, it looks like you finally gave your campaign some money. It was about time too bad most of it will probably finds it way back to your companies or will be spent on hats. And I noticed that someone tried to commit voter fraud today. Too bad it was one of your supporters. Thanks for making such a big deal out of the rigging of the election or we might not have found her.

It looks Peter Thiel is still on your team. I guess promising someone a US Supreme Court seat must be really tempting and distorts people’s judgement.

Also, Donald crowd size doesn’t mean shit so maybe you should stop lying about yours as no one cares and the people that do are already voting for you. Screaming into a microphone can only sway so many minds.

So Donald where are your tax returns. We have just hit the two-minute warning, and we still haven’t seen them. And you have no timeouts left.