18 days until the election & Trump still hasn’t released his Tax Returns

Donald the election is coming to an end, and it looks like you have no real path to 270. So Donald what are you doing? The head of your ground game left you and it seems like your entire campaign is based around shit posting on twitter and doing your best impressions of a 1980s businessman on cocaine. You have made a mockery of our political process and are causing people to question our elections. And to top it all off, we still haven’t seen your goddamn taxes.

Donald, where are your taxes. Are they in Trump Tower under all of your bankruptcy paperwork? Or are they under the paperwork you are waiting to file in order to sue the NY Times? Donald stop the bullshit and release them. The American people should know if you are as big of a sleazeball as you appear to be.

And, one more thing Donald what was your going through your pea-sized brain when you went after Michelle Obama. You have truly lost your mind. No wonder you have no friends.

Donald your campaign is a dumpster fire and America just needs you to end it already. So just show us the taxes so we can at least use the fire extinguisher.