21 days until the election & Trump still hasn’t released his Tax Returns

There are three weeks left Donald. Three more weeks and you will become irrelevant and be demoted to the footnotes of history.

Donald if you were a real man you would not need to resort cheap tricks like inviting President Obama’s brother. Stop pandering for once in your life and actually try and look like a leader for once.

Donald instead of proposing a bunch of policies to reduce “corruption” in Washington why don’t you become the transparent once and show your taxes. How are the American people supposed to trust when it comes to ethics reform when you can’t even do the one thing every other nominee has done in the past. If you want to change the game you have to start with yourself. Because unless you show us then all we have is your word and we know how little that is worth.

Well you do have one thing for you and that is it isn’t 2004 anymore as Michael Moore releasing a new documentary on you but thankfully Moore hasn’t been relevant since the Bush Administration.

So Donald where are the taxes.