25 days until the election & Trump still hasn’t released his Tax Returns

Donald we are 25 days and we still haven’t seen your taxes and you are still a disgusting pig. So two more women came forward as victims of your vile and fucked up behavior. And, as in most situations instead of acting like an adult and owning up to very fucked up mistakes you go after them.

What the hell goes through your mind anymore? Your campaign and your businesses are in a freefall and everybody besides Breitbart readers hates your fucking guts. You name is now toxic. Your brand has no more mass market appeal. And as in most of your business deals you caused the value of your assets to decline drastically.

Donald there is no conspiracy. You are just a sexiest pig and some justice is finally starting to be served. Donald stop attacking your victims. Own up to your actions, come clean and get the fuck out of the presidential race.

By the way please sue the New York Times because discovery is going to be so much fucking fun.