47 days until the election & Trump still hasn’t released his Tax Returns

Well, Donald, yesterday was kind of awkward for you. As Mitt Romney released his tax returns four years ago on September 21. And if you remember four years that it took a lot for Mitt Romney to show his tax returns and even then he only released two years worth of tax returns.

So Donald what is the holdup? Mitt Romney was also a successful businessman who also helped save the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Is it because you are too busy proposing policies that have been ruled unconstitutional. Or is it you are too busy fucking up any shot you had at improving your relationship with minority communities.

Donald, when even the Dalai Lama can roast you something has to give. Plus the polls are starting to look bad for you again. And you know what can help your candidacy but doing that thing might show people that you not that great of a businessman.

So Donald what are doing? Well, besides not supervising the internet use of your kids.

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