Banksy proposes an alt.statue

The lock down ended with race riots. A black dude called Floyd was asphyxiated by a cop called, for added irony, ‘Chauvin’. His snuff movie went viral. Shot from behind a parked vehicle, Floyd’s head can be seen with officer Chauvin crouching over him, a knee on his neck. The other cops who had their knees on his spine are not seen. I only watched 30 secs, because I’m prudent, but it goes on for a full eight minutes as the life is choked out of this black man like it did not matter. Proper horror show.

His dying words…

For you, Mr Corbyn, the party is over.

In 2017, I put a tenner at 16–1 on Jeremy Corbyn to become Prime Minister. I did not win, but it was not immediately apparent that I had lost. In 2019, a friend of mine put a tenner at 20–1 on Jezza to win an outright majority, but the exit poll accurately predicted an historic loss for Labour and his leadership was at its end.

“Corbyn was a disaster on the doorstep,” said some bloke on the telly, “everyone knew he could not lead the working class out of a paper bag.” He referred to Jezza’s diffidence on Brexit, as…

Photo by kind permission of Svenja Block for Louder Than War

“You can only be young once but you can always be immature.” (Shelley)
“You’re only 16 once and tonight you are again!” (Richard Jobby Jobson)

I never did like that dreary ditty, Punk Rock Nostalgia, by Oxy & the Morons. I first heard it a decade later, in 1987, when The Face ran a retrospective. If we were already turning into boring old farts way back then, advancing decrepitude long ago surrendered any plausible pretence at deniablity. …

Russell Cronin

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