The SAL Report

The SAL Report

The SAL Report released early 2016, is a national survey (of 2300 workers) into management by the Centre for Workplace Leadership, a federally funded research centre at Melbourne University. Centre for Workplace Leadership director Peter Gahan said it appeared Australian workers ‘’lack faith in their leaders’’.

Steve Jobs knew

About the abilities of High-Performance Teams. Consider Apples Share Price before the launch of the iPhone, around US$73 and later US$655. No surprise, a High-Performance Team innovated the iPhone,

Where does your team sit?

The ‘Team Performance Curve’ developed by ‘Katzenbach and Smith’* is a great visual starting point to understand where High-Performance Teams sit in comparison to other team types.

Attitude and Behaviour

Here is a sample list of the shared and protected behaviours of high-performance team members with two expanded examples at the end. They practice Emotional Quotient (EQ or EI).

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