Russellie Bongolan
Jun 11, 2015 · 2 min read

Russellie Bongolan, Placement Specialist MSW@USC

In my regular role of talking to students, professors and placement agencies it’s easy to forget that there is so much more going on around me. This marks my 4th company meeting so I wanted to attend professional development sessions that would expand my horizons and allow me to look out and see what’s going on in the big 2Universe. A day in the life of a General Manager (GM) & Program Operations did just that!

Here are the top 3 Things I learned:

Their Schedules are Packed!

In their world every day is unique. It’s important for them to seize each moment, get ahead of problems and go go go! They tirelessly attend meetings, review financials and travel between the offices and universities all to maintain positive relationships. Their main goal is to ensure that universities don’t just see us as their vendor but as a trusted partner.

The buck starts and stops with them!

At the end of the day, all of the success and failures are their responsibility. The thing is, very few people directly report to them so they have to lead through others as the captains of a ship. They drive the ship in waters that are ever changing by identifying the right opportunities for 2U and the university partner. They always ask why why why? how how how?

The job is the best for people who have FOMO!

They work with everyone across the matrix from marketing, content, biz ops, admissions, post enrollment services and the university partners. They work well without context because in a lot of ways 2U is building as we go. To be successful in their role, you must live in the grey as everyone around you lives in black and white. For those of us who might want to be a GM, we must ask ourselves: Can you be a chameleon? Are you cool under pressure? Do you like to juggle and solve never ending puzzles? Perhaps this job is for you!

Russellie Bongolan

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Russellie wants to live in a world where education is accessible to all who seek it, love is given to all who need it, and coffee is poured to all who feen it

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