Washing your hands matters — a lot — if you want to duck this virus. However, if you immediately recontaminate yourself when you turn the tap off after carefully washing your hands, that’s not good. This is, of course, why many public washroom taps have controls that you don’t have to touch, with sensors that tell them when your hand is near, and automatically shut off when you withdraw your hands.

Buying that sort of setup for you home isn’t practical. Washing the tap carefully every time you start to wash your hands works, but it’s also an annoying amount…

Let’s start with two words: “cases” and “infections” (i.e., infected persons) which media, and sometimes officials, are confusing (conflating.) As if these two numbers were the same.

Far from it. These two things are very, very different. A “case” is someone identified (and confirmed by DNA) as having the novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV by the medical system. Almost certainly, these individuals are showing symptoms (or deceased, of course.) As of this article there are a few thousand such cases, worldwide.

But there are at least ten thousand infected persons, probably far more, who have symptoms already but who don’t count as…

November 9, 2018

We need a generally-successful business model for open source.

Novel solution: Double-lag open source licenses.

I’m one of those millions — or at least hundreds of thousands — who’ve spent at least a little time thinking about what a better general business model for open source software might be. You know, one that’s widely applicable, lets the programmers eat and feed their kids and buy ’em shoes now and then, that sort of thing. “Business model” here means: license.

Worse, I’m one of the select group of people who have spent a whole lot of time, over…

Rust is gathering momentum and enthusiasm. Rust compile times, not so much. Incremental compilation isn’t turning out to be easily implemented, perhaps understandably. After all it’s hard to exhaustively check for a great many possible interactions and combinations-that-are-errors without exhaustively checking for a great many possible interactions and combinations-that-are-errors. Rust is all about weighing and specifying the effects of one line of code when combined with all of them other lines of code. Maybe that costs what it costs.

This is where I enter stage right, with a half-baked idea. Why don’t we have our cake and eat it too…

What follows is very much a quick impression of the new nosology (categorization) of EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.) (Okay, admittedly this squib is sorta lengthy, but it doesn’t reflect a very careful or thorough reading of all the relevant material, over time: it’s immediate or quick in that, temporal, sense. March 18, 2017 immediate, to be precise.)

The new nosology reverses the last several decades historical and philosophical basis for an EDS nosology — toward a functional/phenotypical classification and away from a genetic or “essential” basis for categories. Now, in truth, the new nosology is mixed — where a DNA “essence”…

My year of living dangerously with EDS, dysautonomia and MCAS; and how I’ll tackle the coming year.

LAST YEAR — I began with, and have stuck with, outdoor exercise (a walk) every day no matter what that cost me; hoping to wrestle nonasthmatic eosinophilic bronchitis to the ground and maybe MCAS as well. The first part happened, sort of. The second part didn’t. Walks every day did help the bronchitis in winter. It absolutely didn’t get rid of it, and my MCAS is, overall, a bit worse. Which means my EDS is worse and my pain worse, too. I’m getting…

A solution for HEDS! (perhaps most or nearly all cases)

MOVED! The updated version of this article can be found here:

I will eventually move all my EDS-related and health-related articles to that account (one at a time.)

So you’re best off not reading the older version below, just clicking above and getting the best version of this article. Thanks!


– and a very effective treatment or cure may arrive sooner than one might expect

(This is a rewrite of a previous “cure for EDS” post that refers to this paper:
or go to:


I suspect…

Why start by inhabiting the Moon and not Mars? It’s the economy, stupid.

A colony in space is only a very expensive - and probably temporary - stunt unless it can be self-sufficient. Materially self-sufficient, energetically self-sufficient, and eventually economically self-sufficient. Getting us out into space permanently necessitates solving an elaborate economic equation. In this economic equation exports — material that can be sent elsewhere to further the exploration, industrialization and colonization of space aren’t immaterial — are job one. …

November 11, 2016, revised October 26, 2018

There’s an old saying (somewhere): “If your opponent is a rabbit, you should at least admit that he has bigger ears than you do.” I might mention a newer saying: “Even a blind squirrel stumbles over a nut now and then.”

So here goes. There’s something the abominable Mr. Trump got right before I did. Namely “Free Trade” — which, since Japan and China never played by the rules, never was free. You might suppose that objecting to Free Trade is just a convenient issue position for Trump, since he’s eager to be…

EDS notes — #feelbadman but I’m doin’ fine.

With so little research and so few doctors available to treat us, anyway; one of the best things those with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) can do for each other is just to compare notes. So that’s what this message is about. Just comparing notes, for others with EDS. It probably will be of zero interest if you don’t have EDS. I’m in pain today, so this won’t be particularly well edited, I expect.

My health is better than it’s been since — maybe since I was about 15. Of course that’s not saying…

Russell Irvin Johnston

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