Sacrificing Voles to Cthulhu

The one true story that truly tells about the true origins

Many (most of whom wish to remain nameless, perhaps because they are secretly cultists or even more secretly, former cultists) have recently been asking me about Sacrificing Voles to Cthulhu.

Some have even notices the word “Vole” does not appear anywhere in the cannon of the Cthulhu mythos, nor is the word used by HP Lovecraft in any of his other works.

Others point out that Cthulhu can be as indifferent to the sacrificing of voles as he is to anything else done by mere humans.

The ideas of Sacrificing Voles to Cthulhu is seemingly first referenced in a fan fiction collection of Cthulhu related questions

Any tips on how to remove voles blood from silk?
Wits end.

It is apparently one of many open questions in the fields of Cthulhu Studies, Vole Studies and Home Economics.