Defending Public Education & Opposing DeVos on the Senate Floor
Senator Jon Tester

Senator Jon Tester: I am totally against your argument. For one thing, we have NEVER been a Democracy!! We were born a Republic, and we will always be a Republic. That means the People have the say, you are a paid servant to the community, not a boss, not a director.

Here is a quote from your speech:

“ Our public education system is — and this can’t be argued — the foundation of our democracy. We’ve had a democracy in this country for nearly 250 years because of the success of our public education system.”

If you claim this, you need to be more than a previous teacher. You need to be a student until you can get rid of this “Democracy” nonsense and read what our forefathers actually said.

We have every right as parents to say where our children go to school, not to have some over inflated bureaucrat tell us how to run our families!! It was the Communists and Nazis who had government tell the people what to do, how to do it, and when and where to do it!!

I challenge you top go to the Breakfast Flakes for a commentary!! I would love to hear how Paul would take you apart as for our Country, how you sold out to Iran, want to take our Family practices away, make our kids Government slaves, even wanted to let the illegals come ion and live and vote without even becoming citizens!! You need to resign your senate post and allow someone who is wanting our country to come back to God!!

Russell Palmer Republican for America!!

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