The breakdown of Shadow of War- How to brainwash Orcs 2

Brutal sieges of strongholds and finally dealing out brutal vengeance on a hated enemy that has constantly tormented you with death is what has been promised by Shadow of War. It has satisfied this and more I have already logged 25 hours into the newly released Shadow of War and I find myself struggling to pull away from it to write about how good it is. It took a lot from its predecessor and that’s actually a good thing the nemesis system is quite nice but I found some areas of the game to either be lacking or annoying In a review by IGNs author Dan Stapleton he shares feelings very similar to mine.

In Dan Stapleton’s article entitled Middle-Earth Shadow of War Review he as the articles title would suggest he reviews the game his overall thoughts are of the game being very good. Stapleton says that “This story plays just as fast and loose with Lord of the Rings’ lore as the last time.” (Dan Stapleton) Which too me is true and in away it hurts how much the cannon of the world is played with. I know more about the LOTR world than most but, not as much as some of the fanboys that being said there were a lot of points where either a character or the story or event didn’t make sense. One of the ones that stuck out the most to me was the character Shelob a powerful Spider being was seen as more of a hero or hopeful character than as the evil that she is. In the movies she is the giant spider that is trying to kill Frodo and Sam and stop them from bringing death to Sauron however in this version she is trying to maintain the balance of mordor and defeat both Sauron and Celebrimbor. But after a short period of grinding my teeth and waiting for the cutscene to end I was able to enjoy a lot more of what the game has to offer the in depth nemesis system and different orcs captains and warlords that will be faced.In Stapletons Words “it’s from encounters with them — specifically their leaders — that the real story of Shadow of War arises.’” The main story isn’t the best but the one created from the individual experiences is in a word, spectacular. Each orc is different from the next for instance “ Borgu the Bard, who serenades you with his lute before he attacks.”(Dan Stapleton) I ran into a very similar Oruk he was quite fun he met an unfortunate end when one of my soldiers accidentally dropped a keg of poisonous Grog onto him. But that was just one incident I can remember truly enjoying from the game. There is a good blend that the main story and the side story of your own orks reaches where the main story will sometime take orcs that you may have a history with and imbue them with special powers or titles. Making them an unavoidable obstacle which was quite enjoyable. The game has a lot to offer for the people who can sit through the non canon story line and I quite enjoyed it but Ben Gilbert at Business Insider had a different opinion on ist in his article I played 15 hours of the blockbuster new ‘Shadow of War’ game — here’s what it’s like

Ben opens by saying “The new “Lord of the Rings” game, “Middle-earth: Shadow of War,” is fine. “(Ben Gilbert) Ben Gilbert has some of the same remarks as Dan Stapleton when it come to the actual LOTR aspect of the game but he treats these with a much stricter and harsher judgement. Ben Gilbert says “If you’re looking for a complex tale of adventure and sacrifice set in J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic fantasy universe, you’re barking up the wrong Ent.“ He not wrong but I don’t think that takes away from the game necessarily what does take away is how the game takes many mechanics from other different games like Batman Arkham Asylum or Assasins Creed or Far Cry.(Ben Gilbert) It does take some of the best mechanics from each of those games and puts all of them into one game and that isn’t a problem but it does make the game seem more empty if that is taken away. If not for the nemesis system I would think that Shadow of War is just a rip off of so many other games, but the nemesis system is such a giant portion of the game that it more than makes up for any other lack in originality. Clearly the biggest issue for Ben was that it was just “ the second game feels lazy at best in this regard.” He felt that it was only taking other parts from different games and wasn’t doing anything new or exciting.

In my 25 hours of the I found it to be a lot like the first I was playing on the hardest difficulty which I don’t think either of the two previous reviewers were doing and it’s a very different experience. In the game in order to recruit orcs to your side they must be either the same level or below the same level as talion the main character of the game. So in an effort to bring down an orcs level you must shame them which will bring the orcs level down by a couple of levels to around the same level as the player this led to two exciting developments. The first was multiple encounters with the same orcs which would mean a lot of different responses which made things very interesting and fun and held my interest. The second is that when Talion shames an orc often times it would make the orc less intelligent bringing them down to a baby’s level of intelligence. What I mean by this is that the often quirky mannerisms or back story of orcs would be taken away and instead it would be replaced by a couple of words. For instance I encountered an orc that was around 20 levels higher than me His name was Amug Vat Keeper I learned that he was responsible for creating a lot of the orcs in the LOTR world. After the first shaming he hated me and recognized me and developed counters to my approach. But after the second time I shamed him he would only say “Me Boys” which gets incredibly annoying incredibly fast. That being said he eventually grew on me and became a crucial member of my stronghold.I think that Shadow of War is more good than bad it offers a unique infrastructure but it also lacks some crucial elements that I can’t put my finger on. In the end Shadow of War left me with an impression, that I would like to return and play this game again in a couple years and not many games can do that anymore.

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