How the advertising industry is wasting talent and what we can do about it.
Andy Grayson

Ooft, interesting piece and where to start. Creative is broken and I’d say that the only way to fix it is for the disenfranchised to start their own agencies and work it out for themselves. I used to be involved running what has now turned into a successful independent agency (relatively speaking) and would put its success down to its founders not having a clue (initially) about process and how to run an creative shop, but knowing that they wanted to produce the very best work they could for their clients and visa-versa. You basically figure it out for yourself and seek the clients that are right for you and they in turn will seek you through good work and word of mouth. I think it made for an interesting and different place to work that attracted talent and clients essentially because it was different. It did of course have its moments when things were not a bed of roses, but hey, that’s business for you.

I now have anotehr business that’s far removed from marketing communications doing what sometimes seems impossible (competing with manufacturing from the far east), and again find myself starting from scratch, working it out. It’s hard, but I believe what we’re doing is right and we’ll figure out what works for us (at this point in time) and we’ll be the better for it, as will our customers. Sitting on the opposite side of the fence from agency life I find it quite strange looking in, knowing that it will be difficult to find the right agency to move the brand on when the time comes, facing the same old BS, when all you really want is work that sets your brand apart and help you sell what you have to offer.

First time I’ve written a rant in a while and it sure feels good to get that off my chest. Blimey.

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