The story so far……..
Steve Pankhurst

I would just like to say as others have before – thank you to you and to Julie without whom I would not have contacted so many old friends. One particular friend I had not seen for 38 years. We have since stayed in touch.

I think that you certainly set the standard for social media and wish you every success in the future. I have friends that have moved on away from Facebook for the reasons you state so the idea of Liife would be perfect. It would be interesting to see how you could partner with (but not exclusively) adventure holiday companies such as Explore and create repository spaces where people that have shared the same life (Liife Changing) holidays can post their images and stories. To be able to see yourself from the perspective of someone elses camera is always interesting and so much more enjoyable when you are expecting the “Tag”.

In fact you could organise your own holiday group. Liife Changing adventures. It’s an exciting time and one that I am sure will work. Remember as I am sure you know – its about building connections – relationships, and sharing them and making sure they stay special. The people within shared Liife moments could even purchase the book of their shared event. How wonderful it would be for Weddings where a newly married couple’s wedding album comes direct from their shared Liife moment.

If on this occasion you need a graphic designer, do let me know. Good luck. Russell