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Yes, there is media malfeasance and the concerted activity between DNC, Media, Superpac, and D.C. was revealed on Wikileaks. The reason it is more obvious this election cycle is that the Elitists in D.C. repealed the Smith-Mundt Act in 2013 (1948 law which made it a crime to expose the People of the USA to State sponsored propaganda aka a form of psychological warfare) out of fear of the increasing number of career politicians being replaced with everyday people. Such concerted propaganda was used to attack Bernie Sanders, Trump, and now Comey’s latest letter to Congress.Ever notice how every major news media publishes the same line each morning, termed the same way, and runs with it all day — They are conspiring together with Hillary’s campaign and Obama’s administration on how to spin things. As with the line on Benghazi being a spontaneous response to a video (while knowing it was a coordinated terrorist attack on the anniversay of 9–11), the Media no longer has journalists — they have been lowered to pure propagandists and not a word they say can be relied upon!

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