Take your mobile design skills to the next level; Mobile gambling web Case Study

Over the next few months I’m going to be showcasing certain features from a new mobile adventure I have been tasked with over the last six months.

But first I’m going to give you a preview of what’s to come. This is one of the more complex mobile programs I’ve been involved in throughout my career so I’m going to attempt to split it up into manageable chunks.

First up: An overview

So here it is. A mobile gambling website. But one was flavour and throughly considered user journeys. The company also has ten brands that must fit the structure so flexibility was a must. Also this had serious impact when considering translations as adaptability across multiple domains and languages was key, and required government-level diplomacy when it came to dealing with territories, personal taste and best-practice.

Maintaining a design vision

An initial design had built a mobile product over the previous 18 — months, but a refresh was required. Agile has it’s benefits, but it’s difficult to implement a design vision very early on with Agile, as the product changes and is not known on day one. So future areas of discussion will be:

  • Side bar functionality — Universal, scalable and mobile friendly
  • Gateways — Sports Inplay and Casino
  • Mobilised Casino — slots, table games and live casino and more…
  • Account Management -Deposit and withdraw, bonuses and global settings
  • PIN Login — How to leverage functionality from todays modern smartphone
  • Error handling — Super important and often overlooked
  • Quick bet — now ‘must-have’ functionality
  • Pagination — mobile friendly, off course..
  • Registration -Stepped process, hand-holding new user that on mobile can be a problematic experience.
  • Brand guidelines — Consistency is reassuring. It shows control and care. And in an unpredictable place like the Wild Wild Web, it can be even more valuable than in other media.

To finish up

As mentioned, this is just a preview post, I’ll be drilling down on details for this exciting project over the next few months. Suffice to say, from day one there was desire to design and create a ‘best-in-class’ mobile web site . I flew the UX flag and kept a one size font throughout, and constantly pushed the need to accomplish tasks as quickly and effectively.

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