Aesthetics IA#3

Up Close x Personal synthesis

In my own thinking, the things that make every artist in relevance is in the way they see art in perspectives. They make art, not just also for the sake of money as a profession but they make it to express feelings and emotion every time they make art. There’s this one artist that has been interviewed and presented in the class that is making the design of philippine’s official coin and exactly we are having right now. He is Mr. Bayani “Yannie” Rumbaoa. I can differentiate the artist besides our’s by the way he makes the art, by how he want to express it, by how he make the output or the coin. Because even a simple thing is an art that can be into many different ways even into making street arts, design, minimals and other more. Just like Mr. Mark Rivera, the artist that has been interviewed that is into making paintings. He makes it just by the way he thought about things, and by just it, thats my opinion of how they make art. They are all being similar as being professional. They are being real to themselves, not just forcing theirselves into art but they are just into it. There’s nothing worse and they’re all best because I appreciate the art and story that they have.

Their role in the society, as artists is to serve and provide art to the people who are in it. To let them see the art that they make, to let them think and reflect to every art that they are seeing in public. To give intentions to the mass to express what they want to intend. The artists are the ones who serve people with their art, in such every thing that makes people with some ways. All the artist that has been interviewed, that is into art is just grown by it. They are all into one intention and that is to stick with their profession just because they appreciate and enjoy art. They like the way it feels when someone appreciate and understand it. There’s one artist that has been interviewed that I just said that is into making the official coins of the Philippines that we are using for currency for the decades, also an artist that is into photography that he serves people with his candid photography, also an artist that is into video filming that he knows every knowledge to serve people the right angles, lightings, and even the aesthetics of people and things he shoot professionally like our group’s representative, Mr. Bing Basit.

The qualities that I want if i’ll be an artist is to be passionated about it, not taking too much stress but appreciating and taking my time to have my masterpiece on art. Because all things can’t just be perfect at first try but you just can’t rush things though. I want the quality of making people feel amazed by your art and them be inspired to you. Also, the quality of not being too greed with money to pay back you are expecting for your art, instead the reaction of people on how they see you on perspective as an awesome person because you did such art. It just don’t matter on how many output of art you have. Quality in art must come first before the quantity, it just don’t help. You need to think artsy, be imaginative enough, have experiences, learn mistakes, and to conquer the final idea of yours in art and to let people in the society shock by your work. That is just how I want my quality if I will be an artist myself. That’s just how I see and how I want it.