Focus On The Future Not The Past

This is simple. No matter how hard we might want to focus on the future, there is always someone or something insisting on the importance of the past.

There is the family who knows the exact incident to drudge up from the past, so they can put us in our place, and let us know the future we dream of is impossible.

There is the friend who freezes us in time, resisting our every attempt to change and move forward into the future.

There is our company who insists on staying the course based on the success of the past, even when the present makes clear the future will not be bright.

We can blame our family, our friends, or our employers, when we feel our lives have stagnated. There is another alternative. We can take responsibility for our own lives, embrace risk, and leave the past behind so we can live our future.

Steve Jobs did the latter. When asked about holding a 30 year anniversary celebration for Apple. Here was his answer.

“Apple is focused on the future, not the past.”

Read the whole story here.

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Originally published at Russ Ewell.

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