Hack.Moscow — MLH, Tablica, LEKHA

April 20–22, Russian hackers conducted the first 36-hour hackathon MLH “Hack.Moscow” in Russia. More than 300 developers took part in the event, including representatives from Russia, England, Germany, Ireland, Syria, Belarus, India, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Colombia, USA and Sweden.

Hackathon was a part of the international league Major League Hacking, which brings together over 65,000 students around the world. Thanks to MLH the whole event was imbued with the atmosphere of true international hackathon, though with a little bit of Mutko's English (local meme).

We set ourselves the goal of holding a hackathon using the best practices of our foreign colleagues to show that hackathons are not just solution of business cases of companies, cheap outsourcing and recruiting, but the opportunity to find interesting teammates, to create an interesting and innovative project together, to obtain resources for its further development and learn about the latest developments and technologies as well.

We also showed that in Russia there is a community that not only travels to different countries’ hackathons, but can also organize such an event at home, and will be very happy to invite foreign participants, regardless of various diplomatic difficulties.

Hackathon results: 52 projects were presented, the top 10 performed on stage in front of all participants (recordings of speeches). The total prize fund was more than half a million rubles (about $8.000).

More about winners:


Winners of the Hackathon, winners in the nomination “Best AI/ML by Nvidia”

Team: Anton Repushko, Andrei Saharov, Aleksandra Veselova (Tula State University)

A few words about the project

An application for recording video with visualization of speech. Helps make video content interesting and fun.

A few words about the hackathon

The hackathon was excellent. It is very pleasant that there are people interested in developing this at MLH level and even more pleased that MLH finally reached Russia. Because Major League Hacking is an indicator of the high level. Thanks to the organizers for such a great beginning of tradition (I hope a long one) as Hack.Moscow.

“Draw your personality (Juicy Orange)”

Winners in the nominations “Smart Promotion by Cryptapicture” and “Your Track”

Team: Yuri Voloshin (Moscow Technological University, businessman), Viacheslav Korepanov (Moscow Technological University), Mais Jamal (BMSTU), Nataliia Muzyka (NRU HSE)

A few words about the project

Draw Your Personality is a print on the T-shirt picture depicting the "subconscious" of the user, compiled on the basis of the analysis of the neural network of its profile in the social network.

A few words about the hackathon

We did an excellent job and did not sleep for 2 nights not in vain. Thanks to the organizers and sponsors.

“Pied Tasker (Uncommon TeamName)”

Winners in the nomination “Blockchain by Simply Vital Health”

Team: Fanzil Khasanov (Bashkir State University, Habidatum.com), Yanis Westfalsky (businessman), Miroslav Dunaev (Dublin City University), Stanislav Saal (ITMO)

A few words about the project

We have made a decentralized (as a torrent client) application that allows you to find part-job and which will be almost impossible to block, because users take data from each other, rather than through a central site.

A few words about the hackathon

Hackathon was on the high level, did not regret that we came. Many old acquaintances and new friends, a friendly atmosphere, and the absence of "non-format" (projects made before the hackathon).


Winners in the nomination “Smart Location by HERE”

Team: Anton Pecherkin (MSU), Ruslan Kanzeparov, Grigory Melnikov (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)

A few words about the project

Platform for creating and completing quests (games) anywhere in the world. Anyone can create a quest using a constructor and form a smart contract on the Etherium platform. Any other user can choose and complete the quest. The security of making payments and the authenticity of the quest is provided by a smart contract.

A few words about the hackathon

Good atmosphere for brainstorming. Many interesting people in one place.


Winners in the nomination “HackCommunity by Russian Hackers and AI Community”

Team: Roman Maltsev (NRU HSE), Ivan Kamakin (NRU HSE), Daniil Zhukov ( Kuban State University, DH.Company), Javed Behlim, (Russian State Medical University, whenspeak.ru)

A few words about the project

We have developed an ecosystem in which participants earn experience points and tokens on participation and victories in Hackathon, and organizers have easy access to profiles through the CRM system. In the web application for participants there is a store where you can buy attributes from sponsors for tokens, a leaderboard and a list of upcoming hackathons with the possibility of simplified registration. All parameters of the system are managed by the community of organizers through the blockchain using smart contracts.

A few words about the hackathon

The atmosphere and organization of the hackathon were at the highest level. The presented tasks and tracks turned out to be interesting.

“Slay for fruits (Sample Name)”

Winners in the nomination “FunTech by Funcubator”

Team: Vasiliy Severyanov, Ilya Burov, Ilya Kulikov (St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunication)

A few words about the project

A project that allows you to use any object in virtual reality as a joystick. The idea was implemented in C # using Unity. As a model of use was proposed a multiplayer shooter.

A few words about the hackathon

Good organization, great organizers. Nothing else to add 😊


Winners in the nomination “Special track by Roskomsvoboda”

Team: Boris Kochkin, Maxim Muraviev, Roman Dronov (Moscow Technological University)

A few words about the project

The first IPv6 messenger available to the public. Allows you to communicate directly with the desired device, it can’t be blocked.

A few words about the hackathon

Excellent choice of location, good organization. I would like to see more technical judges who can appreciate the value of the project.

About the hackathon

Hack.Moscow is not only about development. During the hakaton, 5 lectures were given by the partners and sponsors of the event, during which participants were introduced to new technologies, told about financial mathematics and how to assemble a jet pack: "More than maps" from HERE, "Deep learning" from Nvidia, "Math and programming "From WorldQuant," Not so small data about Internet Infrastructure "from Roskomsvoboda," Jet Hackers "from Alexey Statsenko.

36 hours of continuous work on the project is a difficult task even for the most experienced participants, 5 mini-events were held where participants were invited to tell a casual presentation, play cupstaking (build pyramids from cups), share their hackathon experience or compete in creating VPN service for speed.

We also decided to have some fun and exchange stickers among the participants and shared our octocats with them (the symbol of GitHub). Everyone had the opportunity to share their stickers or decorate our talisman - LEKHA. We were sad to part with him, but he was gifted to the author of the best post in social networks.

Why a fire extinguisher? Too long to explain :)

We really appreciate the feedback that we get from the participants and we want to be as open as possible. A day after the hackathon, we sent out a form to everyone, where they suggested leaving feedback on the hackathon and assessing its components on a 5-point scale. We share with you the results (04/27/2018 12:00):

Mini-events: 4.35
Lectures: 4.4
Challanges: 4.1
Atmosphere 4.5
Organization: 3.9
Prizes: 4.1
Food: 3.4
«Aftertaste»: 4.1
Result: 4,1

We believe that this is a good result for our first 36-hour hackathon. But of course, we could do better:

We apologize for the problems with the Internet on the first night – unfortunately, there was nothing we could do about it, it was the first large-scale event on this site, and such problems could only be revealed by "verification by battle."
We tried to find the best option for providing food for the event, which was attended by more than 350 people (participants, volunteers, organizers), but in view of the modest budget (we are just beginning, and we need to gain trust not only from participants but also from sponsors) there were some problems.

We also want to answer a couple of questions that the participants have left to finally dot the i's.

«Why the performance on the stage wasn’t duplicated in Russian, if the majority of the audience spoke this language? »

We followed foreign practices where we did not meet such a thing, although we had experience of participating in hackathon, where 70 percent of the participants were representatives of the non-English-speaking country in which the event took place.

«Why you didn’t give the opportunity for all teams to present the projects? »

In the best laboratory conditions, it would take more than 6 hours for 52 projects to be presented.

«How were the ten chosen?»

All teams presented their projects to the representatives of the company, whose track they chose. In addition, independently, 10 best projects were selected according to the criteria that we sent out to all participants. These are the projects you observed on stage.

To summarize, we would like to express our gratitude to the sponsors who supported this event: Aton, Funcubator, HERE, LG, Nvidia, Skoltech, Photo.lab, WorldQuant, coworking «Tablica» for the given site, Victor Kuryashkin for a chat-bot, and our partners in the face of MLH and NRU HSE. And of course, to all the participants - it is thanks to you that we have the desire to develop our community further, to conduct even more cool hackathons and other events!

Russian Hackers Team