Hack.Moscow v2.0

Russian Hackers

October 26–28, Hackathon Hack.Moscow v2.0 was held in Moscow.

The event was organized by professional community Russian Hackers. This is the only hackathon in Russia in MLH Season 2019

Hack.Moscow in numbers:

1700 applications
400 participants
14 countries
36 hours of coding on comfy 1C space
9 tracks
32 GPUs, 10 000$ each.

Tracks and partners

AI, Big Data, Blockchain-CTF, Entertainment, Digitalization, E-commerce, Fintech. Partners include: .etc, IBM, Nvidia, REG.RU, Avast, Here, HSE, MIPT, Innopolis, PhysTech.Start, MSU Youth Research Platform.

What it was all about

— cases from companies: 1C, МТС, RosBank, Sibur, REG.RU, WorldQuant, BANKEX, HERE, Cleverbots, CoFactor
— international hackathon vibes and allmighty teams
— prize pool, tons of stickers and merch
— cool mentors and famous speakers
— lectures and workshops for community.


Majority of students were from HSE (70 people), so it is not surprising they won: 12 achievements, many winners of nominations and competitions , as well as victory in the battle of universities.

Most of the participants solved a case on Healthtech from the CoFactor company — 27 teams.

Hackathon winner — team AIRT

Alexander Markovich, HSE
Oleg Vasilev, HSE
Doman Korneev, DAT
Viktor Baluch, Technical University of Berlin

AIRT entered the top 10 teams of the entire hackathon, successfully pitched on the stage in front of judges and representatives of sponsoring companies, independent experts from the venture capital and start-up industry. The team showed itself professionally and won a title of the hackathon winner Hack.Moscow.

In the overall standings the team took three nominations at once: Cleverbots’ track (Voice Analysis), Best use of GPU by REG.RU (1st place) and the victory of the whole hackathon.

Cases and winners

1C — Digital Business

1C automates business in various business sectors. There are hundreds of applications created based on company solutions. On the hackathon, 1С suggested that the participants create something completely new together.

Winner: ReView

The team implemented a search engine for goods in stores nearby on the basis of a bar code. It compares prices in online aggregators and offer to come to the nearest offline store if the price of goods is cheaper than in the online store. Thus, they save time (delivery is usually the next day) and money to customers.

BANKEX — Blockсhain CTF

The Ethereum blockchain competition. Teams needed to hack as many contracts as possible for the best time.

Winner: Solitude

Participants were asked to solve the Capture The Flag (CTF) contest for hacking smart contracts. There were 6 tasks in total, you can learn more about them at the contest link: https://bankex.github.io/hackathon-ctf/nav/help.html.

Cleverbots — Voice Analysis

Create a solution for analyzing the human voice. Crazy ideas and non-trivial business cases were welcome. They offered to create something meaningful and unusual.

Winner: AIRT

The team developed a Java Script library for managing voice content on the screen. As a demonstration, they showed how you can read articles on Medium using the Chrome browser extension. The main feature of their solution is the rapid replacement of voice models for use by the library developers. For example, their solution in a few clicks allows you to take into account the features of voice, gender and provides cross-platform usage.

MTS — Fintech

The participants had a task: to invent 4 features for the development of MTS financial services, which can be applied in a mobile application or on the operator’s website. Further, these ideas needed to be prioritized and participants had to come up with key metrics for them.

Winner: MTS.db

MTS.db solution helps monetize the scandalous Yarovaya law. The winners of the track offered the functions of gamification and aggregation of unique user user content (UGC) for the needs of the MTS operator.

Rosbank — Smart UI

Task was to create a user interface for different types of clients. Considering that the company works with clients of all segments (entrepreneurs and large corporations), the task becomes really difficult. Rosbank needed help to develop a universal and adaptable solution.

Winner: kowechka

The team implemented a dynamic interface with functional separation for administrators, managers and users of a mobile bank. With the help of the team’s decision, Rosbank will be able to increase the percentage of delivery of notifications and available information to customers, improve interaction with the mobile application and speed up the time of all operations performed through the mobile bank.

WorldQuant — Mapping Everything

Imagine that you organized a competition between data scientists, and they created a huge number of different algorithms. How to choose the best one?

Winner: Yatech

Participants were given clustering algorithms that distribute the legal names of companies into groups. For example, Google has a lot of subsidiary organizations and all of them need to be combined into one cluster. One cluster contains the names of companies with some similarities, for example, they may have a similar nature of the behavior of the shares. Participants proposed and implemented a scalable architecture for the application of these algorithms, taking into account the peculiarities of the time of each of them and the accuracy of work on the source data. In addition to the architecture, the participants suggested using Google and Yandex search results, creating a vector based on it, similar to word2vec.

SIBUR — Data Governance

Data Governance is a data management concept that allows the user to navigate through a variety of information flows and use them as efficiently as possible.

The participants had to suggest the architecture, interface and functionality of the DG tool.

Winner: Yatech

CoFactor — Healthtech

If the patient’s life is not in danger, then most often he will not fully listen to the instructions of the doctor. Some patients generally choose their own therapy with the help of Google and the advice of friends. It was necessary to come up with a solution that will help changing this situation.

Winner: Sakharov’s Team

The team made a universal assistant for the doctor. This is a chatbot that monitors the taking of pills by the user. With the help of computer vision, you can send a photo of a blister of pills so that the doctor can control the dosage and consumption of drugs. In addition, they integrated their solution with Amazon Alexa, which tells a drug plan using voice.

Russian Hackers — Hack Everything

Open challenge for hackers with their own projects. The organizers did not constrain the participants, maintaining the creative atmosphere of the hackathon. The teams participating in this challenge could even come with product developments made before Hack.Moscow and get support from mentors. For such teams, the hackathon turned into 36 hours of express acceleration.

Winner: emovi team

Emovi app helps movie lovers to choose a movie based on their mood. The mood can be selected on the basis of one of the 20 emoji, after which the recommender system will show the film according to the user’s preferences. Participants have marked out more than 11 thousand films based on their emotions and are preparing for release in November-December of this year.

In addition to the tracks from sponsors, the jury independently selected ten best projects from all over the hackathon, which demonstrated their decisions on the main stage. Note these commands:

Gophers Team








Sakharov’s Team


REG.RU– Best Use of GPU

The team that showed best usage the resources provided by the GPU received a special prize from Reg.ru

1 place: AIRT

2 place: MadIdea

3 place: BUTTERFLY

HERE Technologies — Best Use of HERE API

Creation of a product with a geolocation component, aimed at providing new or improving existing services in any area. It was possible to solve cases from other partners using the functionality of the HERE platform.

Winner: HomeCryptoLoc

Participants developed a prototype of the blockchain-based universal payment system in which all payments are published on cards from HERE. Participants report: why pay to third parties when the blockchain allows you to make all transactions directly? With HomeCryptoLoc, you can select absolutely any object on the map and pay it “directly”. Whether it is an Airbnb apartment or a restaurant bill. On the stage, the team showed payment for entry through a barrier, which they prototyped using Raspbery Pi Zero. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRMH_0QuFNk

  • Best IoT Hack using Qualcomm Device

Winner: Gophers Team

  • Best use of Google Cloud Platform

Winner: Reality lux

  • Best use of HERE.com

Winner: Solitude

University Battle

Russian Hackers believe that universities should support student hackers. We concluded a partnership with PhysTech.Start, HSE Business Incubator, MSU Youth Research Platform, to help their students at Hack.Moscow.Challenge to all rectors and university administrators: encourage students to participate in hackathons, as HSE does.Participants need to claim grants for trips to hackathons, increased scholarships: hackathons should be regarded the same way as olympiads and give benefits for employment and admission.

  • Universities Battle — Best MSU Project

Winner: MDChain

  • Universities Battle — Best MIPT Project

Winner: MadIdea

  • Universities Battle — Best HSE Project

Winner: ReView

After the hackathon, the participants took the prizes and marked the event on the afterparty. It was very cool, there are tons of emotions left!

Thanks to all-all-all who helped, especially 1C, MLH, .Etc, all sponsors and partners of the event, participants who believed in us, came and carried the hackathon.

By the way, it seems, we have overtaken the largest hackathon in Russia, VK Hackathon: on Hack. Moscow there were almost 400 participants.

In order to feel the atmosphere, check out the photos from the site: https://flic.kr/s/aHskLw7QcQ

If you are already waiting for a new Hack.Moscow or want to participate in another Russian Hackers movement, subscribe to our social media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hackathonhackersru/

Russian Hackers

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