It’s crazy to imagine how someone can allow time to pass by and not even notice how quickly it moves.

Example. I was searching for an easy way to identify how to determine how to see how many Instagram users I follow are actually engaged and using IG (on my feed) I’m curious and love to support others and it’s not always clear that they are doing anything. So, I thought I would venture out and see what I could find.

I traveled to my typical resource center YouTube and searched for several different terms and found an incredible amount of shady looking app to ‘Get Followers Fast.’

OK 4–5 hours later. Still, no closer and have traveled down several rabbit holes, and it appears that there isn’t any clear solution that I can see.

A few platforms that I investigated

So… I haven’t found the app of my dreams yet and spent several hours searching for options. I wanted to reach out and see if you have any options that you have used that work and are approved by Instagram for managing my account.

Just wanted to ask,

Enjoy the day,


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