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How To Increase Results By 37.8x

This is one of my favorite posters:

This simple equation says that if you improve just 1% every day, you will see a 37.8x increase in results within one year.

Put in a fancier way:

The constancy of an improvement is more important than the magnitude.

Athletes live by this. There are no shortcuts to the top and major breakthroughs usually happen unintentionally. There’s simply no way around hard-work.

While hard work won’t guarantee success, the lack of hard work will most definitely guarantee failure.

It’s better for a bodybuilder to improve 1% on every training session, than to have a sudden 20% increase. The ladder will usually result in imbalance (injury, diet sickness, hormonal mess, etc.).

Tech entrepreneurs also have this embedded in their work ethos. Software development advances in terms of sprints: bite-sized, frequent iterations. For example, the Facebook app is updated every 2 weeks. New versions are just a tiny bit better than previous ones.

Not only is this practice helpful in the build-measure-learn-repeat product cycle, but it’s also beneficial to the end users, who are usually resistant to big change.

Even though 1% doesn’t sound like much, improving just 1% every day requires military discipline and a deep sense of commitment.

The upside is that small improvements are much less painful than big actions. If you need money to go on vacation, it’s way easier to save just $3.00/day than to cough up a lump sum of $1,095 (*I recommend the Acorns app for this).

Bite-sized improvements are not as fun or glamorous as big changes. But trust me… in a year you’ll look back and be impressed with how far you’ve gone.