How I Got David Beckham To Like My Instagram Post By Total Accident

There’s probably not very many people that don’t know the name David Beckham but for those who don’t I’ll briefly explain. David is more commonly known for his professional football career at Manchester United, Real Madrid, Milan and other teams. He is also known as the husband to Victoria Beckham +Victoria Beckham (Victoria Adams) who was ‘Posh Spice’ from the girl band ‘The Spice Girls’ @the spice girls, David has along list of achievements under his belt as well as having a Net Worth of £350 million.

The photo below is the one from Instagram which David Beckham liked, It’s a photo of a bottle and a glass of Whisky, this particular whisky is Haig Club single malt Whisky which just so happens to be endorsed by David Beckham. +Haig Club

If you haven’t read my previous post’s on how to mention someone, tag someone and use relevant Hashtags on Instagram then please do. As knowing these simple Instagram techniques got David Beckham to like my Instagram post, so let’s run through how it went.

Haig Club Whisky was recommended to me by a friend of mine, it’s not the dearest of Whisky’s in the world by far or the cheapest but I tried it and I liked it so I got myself some. Anyway moving on I thought I’d take a photo to share on Instagram to give my followers a bit more of an idea about what I like.

Snap I took the photo, tagged David Beckham and added a few relevant hashtags all in the space of 20 seconds. This was not intentionally done in anyway, it was a genuine random post which I added some simple Instagram techniques to that instilled David Beckham with his 19 million Instagram followers to like my post. I think David could clearly see it was a genuine photo as it wasn’t smothered with 30 hashtags but more a few relevant ones.

Here’s a link the Haig Club Whisky Instagram photo below, if you visit the post you will see when you look through who has liked it David Beckham +David Beckham will appear at the top.

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