Why are you Blogging?

Blogging about our forests has been interesting. I’m the founder and author of www.theforestblog.com. It’s certainly not my only gig, but it helps support and share the message that needs to be heard. Although it hasn’t grown as fast as one might hope, it’s still been amazing.

I’ve reached some very influential people from around the world. Their feedback and comments have fueled my continued writing. As with any side hustle, it’s tough to maintain consistency and focus. I’ve been working towards a once a week posting, but I have been looking and doing more posts more often in shorter form.

If you’re wondering why I want to talk about forests it’s because that’s where I’ve lived most of my life. I’ve also shared a love for travel and the city. I can tell you that most people in the cities just don’t know what’s going on in and around our forests. Unfortunately, conventional wisdom has been misleading at best.

You see, our forests are in serious decline. Many people say it’s due to climate change and act as if there is nothing that can be done. Wildfires are a natural mechanism that has been at work in our western landscapes for eons. Unfortunately, they haven’t behaved quite like they have over the last decade.

Sure, climate change is easy to point to and I would argue is a contributing factor. The single largest factor comes from the basic fire pyramid. For fire to exist it needs oxygen, and ignition source or heat, and most importantly, fuel. Fuel is the key in our forests. We have way, way too much of it.

We have been putting out fires aggressively on public land for over 50 years. The last 30 has seen the management level drop by about 90% from the 1980's. So forests haven’t seen fires and fuels haven’t been removed as a result of logging, thinning, or stewardship projects at level that can keep up.

With increasing temperatures, this makes for a deadly and unnatural situation. These new fires burn hotter, creating more toxic smoke at levels we’ve never seen before. The areas are burning hotter with more fuel on a micro level and burning much larger areas on the macro level.

We need to change our policies and laws to reflect this new need for forest restoration. This work can be done in concert with conservation objectives.

This is why I blog and create a social media platform. People need to have better information so they can change conventional wisdom and support responsible and eco-friendly forest management. We need to pressure Congress to act to address these issues in a manner that benefits all Americans.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you or answering questions.

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