“Silence,” by Patrik Theander (Creative Commons)


What are we hiding from?

It’s been on my mind lately as I watch people in my corner of the world. So many people going through their days wearing headphones, earphones, etc., listening to tunes. I cringe when I see them using crosswalks or riding bicycles in traffic. Distraction can be deadly.

Maybe we’re just afraid of silence and take any measure needed to avoid it, and it’s now going overboard.

Way back in the 1981, a futurist named Faith Popcorn predicted a growing trend in America called “cocooning,” in which people find ways to disconnect from the world and the dangers they perceive. You can read an interesting article about some of the “Popcorn Predictions” here. A lot of her predictions have come true — 95%, she claims on her website.

People are cocooning, finding ways to keep the world away while they stay in a comfortable cocoon that’s safe and only has what they want to deal with. Like music.

Creating your own life soundtrack has its advantages. For one thing, you can keep out anything that harshes your vibe, if you know what I mean.

Or can you?

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying music that inspires, comforts, energizes, or just helps you get through the day. Or night. Sometimes a good, loud rock anthem is the only thing that will lift me up from the darkness that is trying to suck me in and keep me.

That said, don’t shut the world out entirely. While there is definitely a lot of scary stuff out there, there’s good stuff, too. There are people to engage with. If you’re a spiritual or religious person, there are signs of the Holy everywhere to remind you of the greater supernatural aspect of life which can bring you peace and understanding better than anything else.

Be well, and be at peace — and remember that what’s beyond yourself often holds more for you than you can bring on your own. It’s not always silent, and you don’t have to be afraid of everything because there’s good to be found.

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