Startup Weekend Brussels: Makers Edition 2015

Join us, May 8–10, 2015 at Fablab Brussels, Belgium

Have you heard about Makerbot, #MakerMovement or 3D printing?

Makers are cool! Indeed, and that’s why we want to bring first ever edition to Belgium, particularly in the small capital of Brussels. Where both, makers and the community can meet each other, build working prototype or just get a sneak peak of Startup Weekend in 54 hours!

This first edition will take place at Fablab Brussels, a local lab where you find 3D printers, laser cut machines and lots of makers. Where the community meets technology, designers meet engineers and entrepreneurs are being creative to design and validate products.

The maker culture is a contemporary subculture, where technology plays a major role, but where people are open to join the movement. Based on DIY-principle, we can build products that change the world and change the way we used to live or interact with products. No matter what’s your background, you can join and become a maker and jumpstart innovation!

If you haven’t heard about Startup Weekend, it’s a cool place where weekends are organized and you build a working prototype in 54 hours!

“Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities. Come share ideas, form teams, and launch startups.”

With Startup Weekend we bring the community together, introduce new audience to entrepreneurship and bring people to action #NoTalkAllAction.

Left to right with Elena Tosheva (Social Media), Paulo Rosa (Digital Media)

It’s a cool place to hang around, connect with the community and build a startup in 54 hours! One-way to discover, join us on May 8–10, 2015 at Fablab Brussels in Belgium and be a #SWBeMaker!