Design thinking lessons from our cats

A very good commentary on cats. My children’s adopted two cats. One He and another She. After some time, She gave birth to two kittens. Curiously enough, He left our house and started living with my nextdoor cousin’s. Yet occassionally does visit us and demands cuddling from us whenever we visit our cousin’s. Moral: Cats know when it’s time to move on leaving the territory for their children. Recently, She birthed three kittens for the third time. And this time, despite our best of efforts, we could not keep her from shifting her babies away to another of our neighbours even when her babies had not been able to open their eyes. Meanwhile, her firstborn daughter had her own children two times. And each time She (the original one) tried to take her grandchildren to one of our neighbours house. We had much difficulty in dissuading her from doing so. The poor mother (her daughter) was so helpless in perverting her mother from taking her babies away from her. Moral: Cats know how many mouths to feed is too many for a small family like ours.