Supply Closet 101: What’s Inventory?

Slope uses the term inventory to describe the types of stuff you have to track for a clinical trial or protocol. Things like lab kits, ancillary supplies, thermal shippers, tubes, bulk supplies, etc… the list goes on. Each of these inventories have individual units, like you might have 100 Blood Draw Kits on hand. Slope calls each of these individual units an item.

Slope makes it easy to track, forecast, and resupply clinical trial lab kits

Slope gives every item at your site a status. We use that status to help keep track of whether an item is usable or unusable. Items can have any one of the following states:

  • Ready — The item is not expired, on-hand, and can be used immediately.
  • Used — The item has been used and is no longer available.
  • Expired — The item has expired and is no longer usable.
  • Damaged — Somehow the item was damaged and it is no longer usable.
  • Lost — You had this item but can’t find it any more. Use this to mark the item as lost, rendering it no longer available.
  • Returned — You sent this item back to where it came from and it’s no longer available.
  • Disposed — You disposed of this item and it’s no longer available.

There’s also another special state called Expiring, which will activate for an item in the Ready state if and only if:

  1. It has an expiration date which occurs at a future date
  2. The expiration date occurs within the next 30 days

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