Caught drinking. :P

Dating an Idiot


You are worse than a barnacle. A wise man makes a mistake once. A fool does it the second time.

By those standards, you simply will not learn, will you? You will stick to me despite my oddities, my rabid rants and my constant let downs.

But for all that, thank you love.

A good partner inspires and sticks to you throughout your checkered life, playing the role of a mentor and a lover.

A great one makes the mistake of marrying you, consigning oneself to a life of mediocrity.

10000 kilometers and more travelled for you. For you, I’d do it all over again, Sampriti.

To the bravest, strongest and the most brilliant woman I have ever known. Your perceptiveness can put an entire b-school to shame. I pride myself on being humble (an oxymoron?)

The mark of a true champion is her humility. And here, I have an entire lifetime to learn from you.

So here we are, back on Skype, wishing each other a merry new year and watching each other till we fall asleep. You tell me, the magic of the first year is gone. I tell you — the magic is gone, only because it is to be replaced by a legend of a lifetime and beyond.

I’ll see you soon on a very different battle-ground (as explained by modern folklore) in a very different avatar, for the final time. As my wife, that is. I call it the final battle, because I will be consigned to a life of unconditional surrender (and love), thus. Such is the condition of the poor man.

Happy New Year, my former sparring partner in class, my darling.