Women think that men like them LESS than they actually do and men think that women like them MORE than they do.
Challenge accepted — This Happened to Me At Least Twice
Augusta Khalil Ibrahim

I wonder if this applies equally to men who romantically interest a woman as it does to those who don’t interest them. I suspect not.

On the other side, a subset of men have a seemingly indefatigable ability to project confidence — perhaps not because they think that women like them more than they do, but because they don’t really care all that much. They must occasionally sometimes fall hard for someone, but mostly they seem to be baiting a lot of hooks and seeing if anyone bites. They may make up a relatively small extreme of what is likely a spectrum of behavior, but they probably “hit” on at least 10x more women than those of us on the other side of the spectrum. They may be over-represented in the formation of your view that men generally think women like them more than they do.

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