Santa’s little helpers are no longer just cheery elves building wooden trains. The true stars helping consumers buy gifts this holiday season are chatbots.

Whether it’s on Alexa, Facebook Messenger, a website or any other platform, chatbots are now a strategic must-have for engaging target audiences.

According to a PWC study, chatbots have matured to the point that 27 percent of consumers weren’t sure if their last service interaction was with a human or a bot.Gartner predicts that chatbots will power 85 percent of all customer interactions by 2020.

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Building a chatbot shows us how much we take for granted in our daily interactions. While bots may seem far removed from human conversations, many components of successful communication apply to both settings.

Think about the last conversation you had at work about an upcoming project: You probably defined the problem, chatted about possible solutions, and then (hopefully) agreed on a solution to move forward. Customer-facing chatbots can be trained to narrow in on specific goals and conversation paths. …

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If they ask Alexa, the best solution may be to tell them the estimated travel time, and offer to send directions to their phone. Alexa telling them to make a left turn at which street would be useless as they wouldn’t retain any of that information.

Here, the designer’s job is to determine the most pertinent information to provide through speech, and the best way to communicate other necessary information.

3. Dialogue Placement

This one’s the most intuitive. When you say what matters for both mediums, but for voice, it requires slightly more effort from a user to ask for…

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“For voice recognition technology, grasping all the necessary contextual factors and assumptions in this brief exchange is next to impossible.” Ditte Mortensen, UX Researcher

Why start off with this dire statement?

This sets the expectation that designing bots requires you to embrace the pursuit, but not the expectation, of perfection. Because bots cannot retain context like humans naturally can, we must ask the right questions at the right time and be transparent in why we’re doing so.

Those designing the conversations we can have with a voice interface strive for:

  1. Making conversations sound natural
  2. Enabling users to complete an action…

The evidence is that it’s not whole jobs that will be lost but parts of jobs, and you can reassemble work into different types of job.

This initiative is especially attractive for companies because it can offer up to 200 percent ROI in the first year of its implementation, according to a McKinsey study.

What are the benefits of RPA?

Businesses today, especially in the Accounting, IT Support, Marketing, and Compliance departments, have many everyday, routine tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming in nature.

RPA enables you to automate business processes, enabling your employees to devote more time to work that requires more logical thinking and…

Chatbots are a great way for customers to engage with any brand. They can give users information about a rugby match, help them purchase flight tickets, or answer questions about their bank account.

One of the main goals of a chatbot is to bring a good customer experience that ends with a positive image for your brand. At Wizeline, we have experience designing successful bots. We create strategies that adapt to our clients by focusing on their needs and their user’s needs. Creating a bot is not only about building, but monitoring over time to make improvements.

With this in…

Innovation and creativity are key pillars of Wizeline’s culture. Having open spaces where both can be exercised is a company-wide commitment. With this in mind, we embarked on an initiative to create a new Alexa skill for the Mexican market. Knowing Amazon would launch in Mexico, we invited all Wizeliners to pitch an idea for useful skills that can be executed through voice conversations.

The challenge was designed to be completed in multiple product development sprints. This approach allowed teams the time to work on their project, while still tending to their client project work.

An Opportunity to Upskill


Rusty von Waldburg

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