Irresponsible and Responsible People make the World go Round.

Hey, Everybody!

We are ten days away from Christmas. Thought you might like to know that.

So the premise of the today’s entry is the necessity duality of responsibility.

Imagine if you will, a world where everyone is one hundred percent on it! The citizens of that world wake up early, eat the right things, and don’t indulge in anything. They are focused from day break to bed time.

The flipside of the coin. Picture the same world where people do the exact opposite of what we just mentioned.

Can you imagine the chaos?

Can you imagine the mundane, dull, repetitive nature?

This is what is beautiful about the world we live in. It is the combination of both of spectrums of responsibility that propel the world forward.

In my line of work, if everyone were responsible I would be out of a job. I help build people up so they can create the discipline to make more ordered decisions.

Irresponsible people provide a world of economic significants. If someone didn’t indulge in that impulse, that irresponsible behavior the consequences would be substantial.

Take alcohol use for example.

A blue collar man just clocked out from a 50 hour work week. He is tired; he is ready to recuperate the time he has given. He walks across his threshold jumps quickly out of his work clothes and upon his bed. His thoughts are a miss until his phone illuminates with a text message.

“Hey we are going out tonight! Get Ready! We are going to get turnt!” His friend informs him.

The man then jumps into the shower, does his best for personal hygiene and rushes into his friend’s car.

They scope the dusty dive bar out. Luckily, the place is packed with patrons of both genders.

Let’s name our protagonist Hank. Hank’s friend shall be known as Carl.

Hank and Carl are sitting side by side, slurping beers down. Their first beer of the evening slides down their parched throats with ease.

“Barkeep! Another round please.” Hank says.

The conversations get more lively as the glasses get refilled again, and again. Hank is feeling great. He doesn’t want to talk to his buddy anymore. Hank gets up and finds a nice honkey tonk special on the dance floor. These two fresh acquaintances slip off to do what lovers do.

Meanwhile, Carl has switched to whiskey, on the rocks. He scoffs, and makes remarks about the pretty people on the television. An hour slips by, and Carl is none the wiser.
Carl to reaches his fill, when he can’t stand straight anymore.

Carl is a proud, arrogant man. He believes he can drive the two city blocks back to his home. He’s driven drunk plenty of times home, with no reciprocations. Why should tonight be any different? It is just another Friday in their hometown.

Carl starts his car up, backs right into another parked car, breaks a tail light and keeps going. He laughs a little while he burps and says “FUck em!”

His headlights dance between the lines on the thoroughfare.

“Almost there just one more right turn. Ah shit” Carl says almost biting the steering wheel.

He has crashed into a light pole. His car is now busted and does not work. A mirage of red and blue lights parade down the street.

“Ah:: Hiccups:: SHit the cops are hear.”

Carl gets arrested for DUI, that night. His buddy Hank is successful. Hank goes home with that stranger that night.

Hank has to buy plan b birth control from a 24-hour pharmacy.

Both of our friends here acted very irresponsibly. But look at the jobs they created. Carl, created a job for the nice Johnny Lawman, and the city employee to repair the light he hit. Let’s not forget about the nice judicial system with whom carl will get to know pretty extensively.

As for our comrade Hank. Well, he kept the bar busy. Buying round after round with the new companion he made. Then he took her home via an uber. The nice people at lifestyles condom company got a piece of the action. The 24 pharmacy kept a person on staff till the wee hours of the morning just for instances such as what Carl got himself into.

Thus, Carl and Hank generated a tremendous amount of friction for well-mannered individuals. However, that friction also generated economic advancement.

Now I am not propagating reckless, irresponsible, behavior. What I am saying is just like night needs day, and day needs night to progress through time. We too must be balanced in that sense.

Thank you and have a wonderful holiday.

And as always,

Hang Tough,

Be Bold,


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