It is our uniqueness which makes us valuable.

July 26th, 2016

The second part of these words was the first thing that popped into my head when I sat and enjoyed the morning.

The beer slips into my belly. A familiar numbness sinks into my toes. My ass is seated in a bar stool where I’ve been before. It is a Sunday, another long week of sweaty construction before me. But now as “Simple Man” plays from the old juke box in the bikini bar, I have no worries.

Oh how I wish that was my right now. I am still carefree though, getting blasted out of an airlock will do that to a person. Drifting through the unfathomable emptiness of space has a haunting calm to it. Of course I could panic. I could flail my arms, and try to swim upon nothing. All that would do though is expedite the inevitable. Speaking of the inevitable, how much longer do I have?

Eric Hindleton lifted his right arm and saw the dim dying screen. A low green glow foretold he would die in twenty minutes. 1,200 seconds and counting down till he would suffocate. 1,1195 seconds to come to terms with death. 1190 seconds to find out what he lived for. 1187 seconds to realize just what he had died for.

“Not that anyone will see this, but to hell with it. A life is a series of decisions which ultimately leads us all to the same destination. Let’s start at the beginning shall we?” Eric said.

And just like that a story unfolded in my mind. While I was looking upon the quiet suburban street of my residence. It is moments like that which reaffirm in my mind exactly what I am. A daily dose of self-grandeur please! These are just words strung together.

Yet I realize that I am not like everyone else. In all my travels I have not found another soul who thinks the way I do. It is our uniqueness which makes us valuable.

Can I sell you a car? I don’t know I haven’t tried. Do I have that entrepreneurial hustle to go out there and make things happen? To answer that question you must look no further than the almost forgotten folders within the computer I am writing this. Thus explains my entrepreneurial drive.

Which is why I love words. I love words because it is my world of creation. I don’t need to pay anyone to dabble in this (Except Microsoft. Big Ups for Office). I am honing my craft. I am in pursuit of the perfect book.

“It’s kind of like the quest for the holy grail. No one gives a shit about what the grail is. It is the quest that is important.”-Yvonne Chouinard. Founder of Patagonia.

The thing we call a day, is exactly what propels us towards our ultimate goal. Within those 17 hours of functional time, we can grind until we shine. Alright hold on, it really isn’t 17 hours, that is impossible. Nourishment, and personal hygiene take up at least another 2 hours. Socializing, that’s another hour minimum. Transportation you lose at least another hour. Lastly if you are getting paid to do what you love this doesn’t apply to you. (Big Ups to you!) But if you have to trade your time for some dime, you lose another 8 hours. Let’s tally that up shall we? 17-(8+4) =5 hours.

5 hours to hone yourself to that brighter tomorrow. However, like I said everyone can’t be on all the time. Let’s subtract another 3 hours for leisure. Thusly you have 2 hours of each day which you can apply to be better. Go do it.

Go for a walk!

Go do something that scares the heck out of you (With necessary precautions of course)

Get those deep work hours in (Be creative, play an instrument, do something that is challenging intellectually)

Go Meditate.

Then I want you to say these words, upon rising and resting “I am in charge of the progress I will make”

Check in with the daily gratitude you have in your life. It could be simple as “I am thankful, for all the people I meet today.” Or it could be like “I’ve come along way, I’ve still got a long way to go. For that I am grateful.”

It is my understanding that these loosely grammatical sentences will disappear into the vast suction that is the internet. I am aware that I am a drop of water within a roaring ocean.

I do strive for that connection which can be created upon reading words. I believe in you. Keep the hustle up. However, one thing I am finding that if I am doing it solely for the praise of others I am falling into a trap of disappointment.

A prophet don’t do it for the profit- Logic

With that being said. I do this for me. I do this because I want to make each day just a little bit unique, and record it.

If you are reading this thank you.

As always.

Hang tough!

Live Boldly!


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