Let Yourself Be Free. <>

There’s a fire burning in you.

It smolders every once in awhile, but it never cools.

That flame is yours to maintain.

Don’t be listening to all the fools.

Oh lord.

Oh no.

It seems I am in that special mood which makes me want to throw poetry.
Heaven knows I can’t recite a soliloquy.
The stuff that’s pumping out our speakers.
Money, Cash, Sneakers, full of ass.
Liars, Cheats, and Lungs full of ash.

Live forth and die freely.
While my people be kneeling.
Take and Give
What life do you wanna live.

Lazy, and undermotivated.
Longing for a life elevated.
It doesn’t rhyme
It just a waste of my time.

No wait

Rome wasn’t built in day.
So listen to the words I say.
Everyday living
Life is loved in the giving.

Habits, and Heroes.
Losers and zeroes.
If you ain’t trying to stay.
Get the fuck out of my way.

Getting on the grind.
Live within my mind.
Push the boundary.
Cause you are your only adversary.

Waking up to this gift.
Love, life, and lift.
Swole mates and Soul Mates.
I’ve got love all across the states.

Oh goodness. Thankfully the music changed from something more “R&B” to something more relaxed.

What can I say about today?

It felt familiar. Like falling back into different habits. I didn’t get a call I was expecting, but I wasn’t excited about getting the call. I reluctantly turned up the ringtone, and kept my phone close, the first half of the day.

Looks like the shit talking I did last night, altered my present. Or my lack of enthusiasm in the second interview with the store manager.

I done did mess up.

It might just be the end of the world. I could internalize this third failed interview as a sign that I am unemployable.


Conversely, I could look at this as a blessing in disguise.

Life is like that.

It could be a blessing in the fact that I have more me time, to come up with something truly original.

What is the price of your dreamgoal?

How much would you sell out for?

I certainly am in a world of self-grandeur,

commit me if necessary.
The weights I carry.

Okay good, it passed again.

I would be amiss if I did not say that I appreciated the challenge of writing rhythmically.
It is a new challenge that I never actively engage in.

I’ve done it a few times in the past.

This is what the FDA and the DEA warn you about. This is my mind of marijuana.

Certainly a substance, that increases blood flow to underutilized parts of the brain. Or a shortcut to madness, we will never know.

Enjoy the show.

Is it wrong, that I find the current system of things flawed?

I honestly believe we could do some much better.
Our schools rob our children of their imagination.
We are being fed the same regurgitated entertainment.
Action speak louder than words.
The loudness of our voices means less than the message we convey.

Which is why people love to talk.

Grab my attention from my immediate situation.
Flood my brain with immediate inebriation.

Not gonna lie.
I feel good, when I am high.

Can I break the grind.
When I ain’t got the mind.

We out here just trying to survive.
When we forget how to be alive.

Words flow forth and so on.

Once again I feel like I am poet. However, like anything worth doing it takes practice. Unlike mindless chatter to the world, I mutter, poetry is an art that I only do when the mood strikes.

Write rhymes certainly invokes a little bit of cowardice and self doubt. I don’t trust the quality of what I say. I only know that the words I convey I say to keep from hiding.

It’s hard for me to express the drama in my life. I keep that side of my life locked away. Letting only a certain few know. I disclose even less to those I trust.

Why do I do this?

It is my way of neglecting the truth. The less I hear myself say those words the less my mind can internalize it and succumb to the reality.

Life certainly is easier when you are hiding. The less you see the less you will be.

I appreciate how the song changed.

It livened up the mood. However, the epiphanies I felt from the last song still remain true.

I’ve got a lot of stuff ahead of me.

Here’s to tomorrow!

and as always,

Hang Tough,

Be Bold,

Live Creatively.

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