Roadmap to Know Where.

There are so many questions to ask. We often ask the wrong ones over and over. When the response is almost automated. “How is your day going?” “Good” is the normal response.

I am not able to reveal how to ask better questions because I don’t know them myself. What I know is that I am uncomfortable and unsatisfied with my current station in life.

The ambiguous minuscule question of “why” comes to mind.

I can say that I am happy with the life I lead. I am comfortable. I shy away from challenges and things I didn’t pay for.

Thus reveals the why I am not satisfied with myself.

I think I am capable of doing things. Self-confidence is a majority of the struggle, but that self-confidence is within the walls of my cranium.

This maybe because I have not set the destination in my mind. I just know the general bearing of my desire.

“I want to start a business,” I say to myself.

With that point of arrival set, now I can begin the process of further analysis of why I would want to do such a foolish thing.

“Why do I want to start a business?” I am under the impression that I will never leave a legacy doing what I am doing now.

“Could you please define what a legacy means to you?”

A legacy is something that is to the world after you have left the world. It can be something as simple as children, or complicated as a good or service which the world can enjoy, that could be works of art or a fidget spinner.

“With your definition of legacy, what sticks out in your mind as most important?

I think that a person can conceivably do both. Be a good family man, and create something of value for others to share. It is not binary.

“Could you elaborate on what you mean by good family man?”

A good family man treats those within his circle with respect, love, and support. A good family man will never place his family into a compromised situation this could be an act of infidelity, loss of safety, or a venue of a hindrance to the well-being of the household. Hormonally speaking there will be a dump of feel good emotional impulses at the onset of creation and delivery of a child. It is a man’s duty never to let those feelings of love die. Support a man will provide for his circle, this has been the norm since the existence of society.

“How will you provide for your family?”

It is my aim to start a business. A people business in the sense that the mission will be to provide a location for people to fine tune the biological machines which they were given. A place where people come to exercise not only their skeletal muscles but also their intellectual capabilities.

That sounds fine and dandy. However, simplify it, how will your health and wellness center be different?

The resistance systems will be unique in the sense that there will be liquid as well as traditional steel. Natural sunlight will be plenty and red light will be used instead of the fluorescent/led blue lighting. I want to have a functional area that has a ramp for added challenge.

“What are things that you don’t want?”

I don’t ever want to be in a place where I neglect my body. What I mean by this is I will fight hard against the destructive force of old age. I don’t want to be an absentee father because albeit I knew who my father was, I had a rather weak relationship regarding connection with him.

“What’s another thing you don’t want?”

A life of poverty. We all want to be rich. The absence of money certainly does have it’s burdens. I want a wealthy life as we all do. I want a life filled with financial strength, healthy, and human contentment. I do not want to be a healthy guy without a dime to his name, much like I wouldn’t enjoy a full bank account combined with a nagging cough and a weak back.

Now, how the heck do I get there?

My current performance within the world of has been subpar at best. I could be too self-critical, but my academic performance would reinforce the fact that I am all but average.

The discussion of the value of school system is another topic in itself.

However I am getting distracted, and I have met my mark about this entry.

I have found that I do want to be head of household. I want to be a businessman.

More on this later.

And as always,

Hang Tough,

Be Bold,

Live Creatively.

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