September 14th 2017

Oh hello, weary friend.

How will these roads end?

Some time transpired since our last meeting.

So to hell with such a pleasant greeting

How the hell are you, Frank!

We listened last time we drank.

I’ve felt out of touch with myself as of late. The reality is I have been on a bender for some time. In the grand scheme of things, the only thing I am really losing is time. Yet, time is the most precious of our possessions. If someone asked me what do I want. Only a blank space comes to mind. Have I lost my gusto towards life?

It seems that my behaviors are that of short-term living. I can’t see past next week and tomorrow has an optimistic black spot emitting from it.

Welcome to the future! Your misdeeds are now ripe seeds. Let’s see the crop you’ve sown. Your yield is what now known. The slag of your production, caused by your mind’s destruction.

Oh well, there’s always next year. A griever sighs. Who survives the night with beer. The words, the thoughts flowed slower than that of the usual. He harbored that neglect In a casual way.

To be haunted by it in another day. What a fantastic fire works display the last synapse must be? The collection of every sound, and a life full of see.

The path to the stars is often filled with bars. Sing to the hopeless and the voiceless. It’s hard when we are surrounded by stress.

Our thoughts can put us in prison. Our minds can lead us with treason.

Throwing lines on paper.
Because thoughts often turn to vapor.

Breath deep.

Be thankful for what you keep.

Be courageous when spontaneity leaps.

Losing momentum, trading altitude for speed.

The brave are those who lead.

Which position shall you be?

What is your proudest the world will see?

Half way through this chore. Change is nothing more of doing things repetitively. Then wonder why I am better than me.

The tasks and responsibilities are nowhere near me. This day I listen to the sea. 
Getting lost purposefully. Wasting time carefully. Be distracted by your lack of action.
Dream of the life you want while being blinded by a screen. The sun kills, stay lean

Goodness gracious, it is time for a phase shift.

These are your thoughts in between the scenes.

How will you shine, if you don’t find whats really on your mind?

These wild rides of different sides of thine self. Show them how we’ve come off the shelf.

Good artist copy, great artist steal.
Question everything, curious is whats to real. 
Shoot to thrill with mountains to kill.
Remember not what you did do, but rather the things you didn’t do.

Only the lonely go drifting. While things go sifting.

To the fortune, smiles the bold. Never fearing what they are told. Amassing victories and hardly growing old.

Ambition has killed men sure, but the true tragedy is lethargic inactivity.

My mind wonders from my attention. Often in not the best intention.

Pounding feverishly upon the key boards, I dance my ideas into something more tangible. Yet any crazy can make something legible.

I wonder if how I feel right now, is similar to what it is to be in a sensory deprivation tank. Not really because actually, I am in a sensory rich environment. I have three different youtube tabs open to different sounds of nature. Golf balls under my feet and a gulp of water in my mouth.

There certainly is a large amount of sensation, in this moment. Paired nicely with the two cups of coffee and drags off of the devil’s tobacco. I often joke with myself that I have the attention span of a goldfish. It is probably very true. I do have spurts of keen focus. As we can see with today’s entry this was one of them. To the best of my ability at least.

Fleshing out things is good. Wonder why I don’t do it more? Probably because I’ve withheld some limiting beliefs about what to do in this thing called life.

I miss running. Think I shall pick up a pair of shoes this day, and get back on schedule. It is a weird coping mechanism. I don’t mind anytime I spend in the gym. A solid physique does nothing more than stroke the ego. Which is why you must have goals. I started this year saying I will run 156 miles, by goodness I shall reach that!

Because I must.

Thank you for reading.

And as always,

Be Bold,

Live Creatively,

Hang tough.

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